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Assign by tags


This update allows you to select all of the questions in a list and add them to a template. This means you can now easily create assignments using tags.

Add multiple questions to a template


Now, you can select a set of questions and add all of them to a template at once.

Redesigned Course Library


Today we launched a new course library with improved designs and navigation.

Question level insights


Today, we released a new question tab for insight reports that allows you to quickly determine which questions your class is struggling with.

Unlimited attempts for all paid users


We are removing attempt limits! Starting today, paid users will have unlimited attempts on all questions.

Redesigned question answering environment


Today we're proud to release a new and improved question answering platform that aligns with our existing assignment environment. The new environment is sleeker, faster and easier to use.

Assignment updates


This release includes several assignment improvements, including:

  • Teachers can now select multiple templates to add a question or set of questions.
  • Students will no longer be able to access questions in assignments using the direct question link or by navigating to it within a question list.

Response matrix Excel report


Today we're excited to release a brand new Excel export that provides a breakdown of each student’s response on each question in a subject or assignment. You can generate this report for an entire subject from the "Response Matrix" tab in Insights or for a specific assignment from the assignment results page. The export includes all students within a single class.

Single device limit


Starting today, users will only be able to access their account from one device at a time. If you login to your account from a new device, you will be logged out of Albert in all other locations.

Minor updates and bug fixes


  • Teacher class cards will now reflect the teacher's formal name.
  • We changed the verbiage in the Admin Dashboard from "Guesses" to "Attempts."
  • Students who have not started an assignment will be labeled as "N/A," instead of "Struggling" in the assignment results page.
  • The assignment list should now be ordered by due date, not creation date.

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