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Unlimited attempts for all paid users


We are removing attempt limits! Starting today, paid users will have unlimited attempts on all questions.

Redesigned question answering environment


Today we're proud to release a new and improved question answering platform that aligns with our existing assignment environment. The new environment is sleeker, faster and easier to use.

Assignment updates


This release includes several assignment improvements, including:

  • Teachers can now select multiple templates to add a question or set of questions.
  • Students will no longer be able to access questions in assignments using the direct question link or by navigating to it within a question list.

Response matrix Excel report


Today we're excited to release a brand new Excel export that provides a breakdown of each student’s response on each question in a subject or assignment. You can generate this report for an entire subject from the "Response Matrix" tab in Insights or for a specific assignment from the assignment results page. The export includes all students within a single class.

Single device limit


Starting today, users will only be able to access their account from one device at a time. If you login to your account from a new device, you will be logged out of Albert in all other locations.

Minor updates and bug fixes


  • Teacher class cards will now reflect the teacher's formal name.
  • We changed the verbiage in the Admin Dashboard from "Guesses" to "Attempts."
  • Students who have not started an assignment will be labeled as "N/A," instead of "Struggling" in the assignment results page.
  • The assignment list should now be ordered by due date, not creation date.

Mastery level cutoffs updated


We've modified our mastery levels to more appropriately reflect the rigor of Albert courses. The new weighted accuracy cutoffs for each mastery level are as follows:

  • Struggling: 0-54
  • Passing: 55-69
  • Proficient: 70-79
  • Excelling: 80-89
  • Mastery: 90-100

School Admin Reporting


Today we're releasing all new reporting tools for administrators. School administrators will now have access to a "Dashboard" view and a "Classes" view.

The "Dashboard" view shows high level usage information across a school:

The "Classes" view shows usage and performance metrics for each class at a school:

Closed Classroom Feature


Starting today, teachers can now "close" a classroom. Closing a classroom will remove the class and all of its assignments for enrolled students. Teachers will still be able to view the class and can re-open it at any time.

Redesigned Admin Licenses Tab


We redesigned the Admin Licenses tab to be more user friendly.

Minor updates and bug fixes


  • Teachers can now specify any due time.
  • Teachers can edit past due assignments without simultaneously extending the deadline.
  • Students now receive a warning about assignment timers informing them that the timer continues even after they exit or logout.
  • The bug causing long load times on images has been fixed.

Minor assignment update and bug fixes


  • Students who enroll in classes late now receive both active and past assignments.
  • Teachers who have not yet upgraded can create assignments from free topics.
  • The bug causing incorrect stats to be shown on the Classes page has been fixed.

Assignment results improvement


The assignment results page now shows the distribution of mastery levels and includes the ability to export results.

Assignment UI improvements and timezone update


We moved the Assignment Creation Form into a two step process and changed the timezone from CST to your local timezone.

Edit active and past assignments


You can now edit assignment settings after issuing them. Students will only be notified via email if you edit the due date or delete the assignment.

Enable late completion on assignments


Starting today, you can choose whether or not to allow late completion on your assignments. The assignments results page will identify which students completed the assignment on time and which ones completed it late.

Assignment update


Yesterday, we released a minor update to our assignments feature. From now on, students who join classes late (i.e. after an assignment has been published) will automatically be assigned any existing active assignments.

We're starting a changelog


Big news today, we're starting a public changelog so you can always be aware of the updates, improvements and fixes that are made in Albert.

Even though we work on Albert all the time, sometimes it may seem like not much is happening. This changelog is here to improve that very important part of the communication between you and us.

From now on, documentation of all the things we've changed can be found on our public changelog page.

Improvements to assignments + minor bug fixes



  • Create an assignment directly from a template's "Actions" menu without first going to the edit page.
  • Change the due date of your assignment to 8 AM, 12 PM, 6 PM, or midnight.
  • See a running tally of how many students will receive the assignment within the assignment creation form.
  • See a running tally of how many questions are in a template within the assignment creation form

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes a bug that showed the wrong number of answered questions for students
  • Fixes a bug that prevented templates with more than 50 questions from loading

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